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Drawing inspiration from over sixty years of innovation and evolution, the American Professional II Stratocaster is designed to meet the needs of today's working musician. With a host of new features and improvements, this guitar sets a new standard for professional instruments.

The Deep "C" neck has been enhanced with smooth rolled fingerboard edges, a "Super-Natural" satin finish, and a newly sculpted neck heel. These upgrades provide a supremely comfortable playing experience and easy access to the upper register. 

The V-Mod II Stratocaster single-coil pickups have been redesigned to be more articulate than ever, while still retaining the bell-like chime and warmth that made Fender famous. 

An upgraded 2-point tremolo with a cold-rolled steel block has been added to increase sustain, clarity, and high-end sparkle. This ensures that your notes ring out with clarity and brilliance.

The American Pro II Stratocaster delivers instant familiarity and sonic versatility. From the moment you pick it up, you'll feel and hear the difference. It's a guitar that can handle any musical style, and it's built to withstand the demands of the road.

With three V-Mod II single-coil Stratocaster pickups, an upgraded 2-point tremolo with a cold-rolled steel block, a Deep "C"-shaped neck profile, and a bone nut, this guitar is designed to offer easy playability and exceptional tone. The 22 narrow-tall frets make it easy to bend notes, while the treble bleed circuit ensures that your highs remain intact even when you reduce the volume.

The American Pro II Stratocaster also comes with a Deluxe Molded hardshell case to keep your instrument safe and protected.

The V-Mod II pickups on this guitar are voiced specifically for each position, ensuring a perfectly balanced tone with the vintage warmth and clear sound that Fender is known for.

The newly sculpted neck heel and beveled neck-plate improve access to the upper register, making it easier to play leads and solos.

The 2-point tremolo bridge with vintage-style saddles provides superior tuning stability, tremolo action, and ease of adjustment. The upgraded cold-rolled steel block enhances sustain, clarity, and high-end sparkle.

The Deep "C" neck profile with rolled fingerboard edges offers comfort and speed, with a slim nut width that gradually fills out as it approaches the neck joint. The hand-rolled fingerboard edges and Super-Natural satin finish provide a supremely comfortable feel.

Special electronics include a push-push switch on the second tone control, which activates the neck pickup in switch positions one and two. This adds two unique pickup configurations that are not typically found on a Stratocaster.

The American Pro II Stratocaster is available in either alder or roasted pine. Alder is a classic Fender tonewood with a balanced sound suitable for any genre. Roasted pine is a lightweight wood known for its punchy and complex tone, enhanced with Fender's roasting treatment for improved resonance.

With a gloss urethane finish, a Stratocaster body shape, and a maple neck construction, this guitar is built to last. The "Super-Natural" satin urethane finish on the back of the neck and the gloss urethane finish on the headstock face add a touch of elegance.

Featuring a 5-position blade switch, master volume control, and two tone controls, this guitar offers a wide range of tonal options. The configuration of the pickups is SSS, with a push-push tone control that adds the neck pickup to certain switch positions.

The American Pro II Stratocaster is equipped with Fender Standard Cast/Sealed Staggered tuning machines, a 4-ply tortoiseshell pickguard, and aged white plastic control knobs. The hardware finish is nickel/chrome, and the switch tip and neck plate are aged white.

Whether you're a professional musician or an aspiring player, the American Pro II Stratocaster is a guitar that will inspire you to reach new heights. Its exceptional craftsmanship, versatile tone, and comfortable playability make it the perfect instrument for any musical journey.