Mojo Hand FX RVT (Reverb/Vibrato/Tremolo)

Mojo Hand FX RVT (Reverb/Vibrato/Tremolo)

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The Mojo Hand RVT™ was created to offer three popular on-board vintage amplifier effects in one compact enclosure. Now you can take that small Tweed amp to the gig and have vintage flavored Reverb, Tremolo, and Vibrato ready to go! Vintage 60's amplifiers were used in helping us voice this DSP based powerhouse, and we are confident you will be pleased with the performance of this newest addition to the Mojo Hand line.

-R(everb): Just like amp reverb; turn it up to get more!
-Speed: Controls the speed of the selected effect (vibrato or tremolo).
-Depth: Controls the depth of the selected effect (vibrato or tremolo).

-Standard centre negative 9V DC supply ONLY (not battery capable).
-Current draw: ~65mA.