Way Huge Smalls STO Overdrive

Way Huge Smalls STO Overdrive

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The Way Huge Smalls STO delivers smooth, silky overdrive that sounds like the purr of a freshly tuned-up muscle car. The circuit that it's based on has been a special secret passed around for years among Nashville honky tonks and recording studios like a nice charcoal-filtered whiskey. Rumours surround its introduction to the scene, but any who've played it would agree on its ability to gradually butter up your tone while preserving the fundamental character of your guitar and amp. When Mr. Jeorge Tripps got hold of one, he stuck his head under the hood and tinkered for days on end without availing himself of sleep, or food, or water. Eventually, he emerged from his workshop with the STO, a reimagined version of the Nashville staple equipped with a smoother more pillowy sound.

The Way Huge STO's simple three-knob setup offers just about the fastest and easiest ride to overdriven paradise. The Drive knob deserves special recognition—its range is wide and responsive and makes it sound like your amp is breaking up of its own natural accord but without any more volume than you need. Special batch run.

  • Volume knob adjusts output level
  • Drive knob adjusts overdrive intensity
  • Tone knob adjusts EQ from warm to bright
  • Input Impedance > 450 kΩ
  • Output Impedance < 150 Ω
  • Noise Floor* < -100 dBV
  • Bypass True Hardware, 3PDT
  • Current Draw 10 mA
  • Power Requirements 9 volts DC